If you have two or more vehicles that need our special touch, give us a call for an estimate - or to schedule our luxury detailing services for your vehicles.

• We come to your location
• Personal / Business
• Packages available
• 100% guaranteed satisfaction
• Biodegradable / Eco-friendly
• 10+ years of experience

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Car/Sedan $300 • Suv/Van/Truck $350

Exterior & Interior Luxury Package
This In-Depth Luxury Detail Package Will Have Your Vehicle Looking, Feeling & Smelling New!

• Exterior Wash
• Carnauba Wash
• Rim Wash
• Rim Detail
• Tire Wash
• Tire Shine
• Window Clean
• Add Exterior Window Wax
• Exterior Carnauba Wax
• Clear Coat & Paint Protection
• Door Jam & Trunk Jam Clean
• Full Spot Interior Vacuum
• Vents & Air Crevasse's Air Cleaned
• Interior Degrease
• Creative Scent

**Have several vehicles that need a luxury detail,
call to inquire about our special pricing!**


Pet Hair Removal
Buffer Work
Polish Wax
Scratch Removal
Sticker/Decal/Tint Removal
Headlight Refurbish & Polish
Engine Degrease/Steam & Shine
Paint Touch Up
Clay Bar



Aviation/Aircraft Cleaning and Detailing Services – “We Come To Your Location”

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Plane Cleaning and Detailing is a specialty service mastered by JB’s. Specializing in exterior and interior mobile detailing. We come to your location equipped with the top quality detailing products. Admiring the aviation industry and having pride in the art of aviation detailing. JB’s will detail and protect your aircrafts exterior and interior leaving 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Specializing in exterior polish, wax, underbelly, landing gear, aluminum bright work and more. Interiors get much TLC with our wood cleaners, counter top polishes, glass cleaners, vacuum and shampooing the carpets is also a must! Now, your plane can soar like an eagle through the skies, while its interior impresses anyone who comes on board.



Aviation Detailing

• Detailing services for:
- Personal & Commercial
- Airplanes
- Jets
- Helicopters
- Small and large fleets
• Specializing In:
- Interior and Exterior
- Shampooing
- Waxing
- Aluminum polishing
• Packages and seasonal contracts available
• Protect and clean your aviation assets!
• 100% guaranteed satisfaction
• Biodegradable / ecofriendly
• 10+ years of experience


Marine / RV

Need to get your boat cleaned or mobile home washed?
JB’s Marine and RV Detailing and Cleaning Services can be done at your location.

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Whether it be a steam power wash to get corrosion and built up elements off your boat/R.V, or one of our quality detailing packages leaving your boat/R.V perfected, we offer a wide variety of packages making your choice options easy.

JB’s has been in the marine and R.V detailing industry for 10+ years specializing in exterior and interior mobile detailing using top quality equipment and customer care.

Don’t let your hard work get filthy; call a professional at JB’s today!



Boat & R.V. Detailing

• We come to your location
• Steam power washing and detailing for:
    - start of the season
    - before storing away for winter
    - getting ready to sell
    - interior/exterior
• Vehicle types:
    - mobile / R.V. homes
    - small watercraft
    - yachts and big marine boats
• Packages available
• 100% guaranteed satisfaction
• Biodegradable / Eco-friendly
• 10+ years of experience