Ice Dam and Snow Removal Near You!
Let JB’s help ease your mind this winter by removing ice dams and preventing damage to your house.

Even though icicles look nice hanging from your house, they can cause trouble. Snow-covered roofs and freezing weather can lead to ice dams: thick ridges of solid ice that build up along the eaves. Ice Dams can rip off gutters, cause shingle damage and water to back up into your house. This damage can lead to peeling paint, damage to floors, stained and sagging ceilings and also increased moisture levels in the attic, which can attract mold and mildew.

JB’s has the experience and equipment to remove the ice dams to prevent stop ice dams and help prevent them from returning. JB’s will help take care of ice dams on all Residential, Commercial or Industrial properties.

Learn more about Ice Dams:


Melting snow on your roof mixed with freezing temps creates ice Dams. When snow on your roofs are melting and ice is blocking the gutters (drainage system) from functioning correctly there is nowhere for water to drain therefore creating ice dams. This can happen from outside temps dropping and any heat escaping to your roof from poor insulation or sealed edges etc.




An ice dam can be extremely expensive and dangerous if not taken down. The weight of the ice only grows as water melts and freezes. Water that is blocked from draining and pooling up behind ice dams will find its way under the shingles and back up into your property. This can lead to very costly damage when water finds its way into your home and causing leaky roofs, wet ceilings, walls, insulation, Mold/Bacteria Growth, Electrical issues, Floor/Carpeting problems and more. Also, heavy ice when melting may also give out and fall which can be dangerous.
The average cost to fix damage caused by ice dams can range from $30,000-­$100.000.


Call JB’s and let a professional do it! We are a 5* Diamond Contractor Company certified to do ice dam construction. Our Ice Dam Master Techs arrive fully insured ready to stop or prevent future Ice Dam damage. We remove ice dams with a specialty steam service eliminating ice on your roof and in your gutters/drains leaving your gutter system functioning correctly.

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Most insurance companies cover removal.