JB’s roof raking and snow removal service removes the snow that is weighing you down.

The #1 reason for removing snow off the roof is to prevent ice dams from forming. Ice dams can’t form without snow and if you are able to prevent the ice dams from forming you will help prevent your roof from leaking and causing damage to your home. The #2 reason to remove the snow is all of the excess weight on your roof. Each one-inch depth weighs about a pound and when you let the snow pile up, you could easily end up with thousands of pounds of stress on your roof – this stress could easily lead to the risk of leaking and cave-ins.

Instead of taking the risk of climbing up a ladder and risking injury, let the experts do the job for you. JB’s is fully insured, trust worthy, trained experts that can rake your roof clean.

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Snow and ice storms accumulate and compact together.


The weight of snow and ice compacted together gets very heavy and may lead to extensive and expensive damage, including roof collapse, roof leaks, ice dams, support damage, mold growth, and damage to ceilings, walls & floors, etc. Repair costs can range anywhere from $30,000-$100,000.


Call JB’s to remove the snow and ice from your property. Our certified and qualified techs will clear snow from your properties leaving you with a snow free roof.

Call today for a quote and get it done right! 
Most insurance companies cover removal.