Removing snow off your vehicles is timely, but not removing snow is costly and illegal! JBs vehicle and fleet snow removal service worry free contracts will help ease your mind.

Connecticut law requires the snow removal from all vehicles before hitting the road. Keeping roadways safe for all vehicle traffic continues to be a top priority and JB’s can successfully clean off the snow from just a few trucks to your whole fleet without causing a ton of downtime. With the new laws that require you to remove the snow off your vehicles have proven to be both costly and unsafe for drivers. A fine can be anywhere up to $1250.00 per vehicle and a driver can be detained until he has climbed up on the trailer and removed the snow.

JB’s can easily remove the snow from entire fleets, trucks, buses, RV’s, Delivery Vans and more!

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Why should I remove snow off of my Trucks & Trailers?

Connecticut state law states, “If snow or ice flying from vehicles results in injury or property damage, drivers of non­commercial vehicles can be fined $200 to $1,000. The penalties for commercial ​drivers are $500 to $1,250.” A failure to remove snow off your vehicle not only results in a fine but can also affect vehicle insurance.

What can I do to avoid being ticketed or worse?

Call JB’s! We have professional crews that are on call when a snowstorm hits. We will be there to clear all snow off of vehicles, trucks, trailers etc.

Call today for a quote and get it done right! 
Most insurance companies cover removal.