Low Pressure Steam Roof Washing

JB’s roof cleaning servicse will bring your roof back to life and get rid of the mold and bacterial growth that’s covering up the beauty of your roof. Our low pressure steam technique is an effective and safe way to clean any roof, with no risk of damage to your roof. We safely eliminate the layer of growth without harming shingles.

When algae and fungus get together, they form lichen. Lichen is a photosynthetic fungus that has roots that wrap around the granules of shingles, feeding on the nutrients in the materials used in shingle construction. Once on the roof, lichen cannot easily be removed. Even if dried out, it will spring back to life once it rains or moisture otherwise is introduced. Moss is another organism which grows on roofs and causes damage. It shortens the life span of shingles because it retains moisture, and in cold climates it can freeze, which causes further damage to the shingle and granules.