Home & Deck Refurbishing

Does your house or deck need to be refurbished? Here at JB’s we breath new life into your property whether its to sell and get top dollar or to put some life into your property. Specializing in Home & Deck Refurbishing making sure every step is approached correctly the first time. The most important step of refurbishing your house or deck is the preparation. Our technicians are highly skilled and arrive fully educated on scraping, sanding, staining, painting & repairing services. Trust in us as we are out to build a great relationship with you!

Why Refurbish?

Refurbishing your deck is a great way to breathe new life into your home and increase the curb-appeal of your new home. The option to refurbish a deck is great for those who want to revitalize their deck without the stress and expense of replacing it especially if your substructure and framing are solid and in good shape. Refurbishing your deck builds on what is already there and can be ready in just a matter of days.

JB’s 5 Star Preparation

Here at JB’s we pride ourselves in our preparation procedures ensuring to give you the best quality in our work. 

The 3 main steps to prepping 

-Low pressure steam wash every inch of what is being refurbished.

-Scraping all peeling paint/stain.

-Thorough sanding job, removing most if not all prior paint/stain. 

While prepping your house or deck we will also sink in any loose nails or screws and secure all loose boards and rails. These steps are crucial and will determine your paint/stains longevity. When a successful preparation is completed it will help your house/deck last many years to come.

Did You Know?

Climate is a big factor when painting and staining. If you paint or stain over wet wood you are potentially trapping moisture inside which will eventually find a way to escape, leading to your paint/stain prematurely peeling or leaving air pockets across your house or deck. 

Home & Deck Services

• Washing  • Scraping  • Sanding  • Staining  • Painting  • Sealing  • Repairs  • Trim
• Patios  • Walkways  • Relaxing Areas  • Patio Furniture Refurbish  • Lattice Installation and Repair

Stain/Color Options